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Waterturbine kmw

Runner in stainless steel.
Ø1200mm. 3000hp with 2wheels at 21m head, 375 r/m.

price - 10.000 €

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Used waterturbines

Used turbines
Used water turbines in southern Sweden.

Runner diameter 300 - 2400mm

For information i English
Kalle Carlsson +46 (0) 70 40 54 561

For infrormation in Deutch
Dietmar Schramm +46 (0) 70 373 65 83

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Asynchronous generator

ASEA asynchronous generator
150kW, 500V, 730 r / m, 3 phase.
We do have a number of other generators for sale, write an e-mail with enquires.

Price: € 3500, - (excl. VAT)

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Hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic hoses
Different dimensions with couplings, lengths up to 5m. Diameter 1/4 "upwards.
Price: SEK 30 SEK / each: - (excl. VAT)

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Arboga Turbine

Arboga turbine with new stainless runner.
Original data:
Height : 3m
HP : 240
R/M : 92

Call for more information. +46704054561 (Kalle)

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Finshyttan Runner

Largest Ø 520mm
Smallest Ø 420mm
Height 400mm


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KMW Turbine

Runner diameter 1100mm.
This is a very good piece.

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Finshyttan Francisturbine

Runner in cast iron, stainless wicketgates,
Runner Ø approx 1m.

3500 €